One month you may have a teenager, one month a baby, then three months later a 6 year old.

Serving in the heart of the foster care is ever changing. This is because goal of fosters is to care for the kiddos until they can be reunited with their family. The hope of the Beautiful Baskets Project is to support foster families during their first moments with the child and or teen they receive into their home.

Beautiful Baskets is a program that would love to see foster families receive a welcome upon the placement of a child. During the hustle and bustle of everyday life we would love to bless families by providing baskets with items such as:
Frozen Meals
Gift cards to delivery restaurants
Basic first week essentials- for some families it could be wipes, formula, etc. For other families it could be sanitary items.



How can we HELP?????

*** Donate- This project is new. New for us, new for you and most importantly new to the community.                                            Donate your time, talents, or items to this project.
Here are a list of items that we currently need :

Gift cards for delivery food

Gift cards for coffee or tea (caffeine is always needed!)
Crayons and coloring bookthis is a universal age appropriate toy for all grade school ages and makes coming into a new house seem not so scary when you can sit down and color in your new book together. 
Deck of playing cards- universal appropriate “toy” for all older ages. They can play solo or with others.
Lice kits- it happens, and usually when you are not prepared.
Pregnancy tests- also you may discover you need one when not prepared.
Package of wipes
formula- yes, all of these baby things the foster parents will be going to get. However, when receiving a placement they may not have all of these items on hand right away. Having a can of formula could have saved a late night run on some occasions.
totes or basket to hold items

How can you gather some of these items besides just running to the store?

1. Host a basket party! Get together with your youth group, bible study, friends from work, and set a number see if you can reach your goal. Maybe even compete with another group 🙂

2. Have your school hold a fundraiser- come up with a great theme!
3. Contact us about volunteer opportunities.

Yep! Pizza's are a blessing! The first week or so with a new kiddo throws everything threw a loop!
Yep! Pizza’s are a blessing! The first week or so with a new kiddo throws everything threw a loop!
Many major stores offer gift cards to several places!
Many major stores offer gift cards to several places!