Aging out. Homeless. Transitional. Emancipated. Words that are all too familiar for some of our youth.  Every teen/young adult needs somewhere to call home and someone to mentor them while they are learning to grow up and find their place in this world.

If you are interested in being a part of this amazing opportunity in our community please contact us and let us know.


Wanting to help? We need you! Are you a business, ready to partner with a local nonprofit? Perfect!

What we need:
Property- We need a place to start. Right now we know what we would like to do, but we can’t launch without a place.
We need support.

So you want to help, but how do you get started???
Well there are several ways.
1. Maybe you are the quick helper, you want to help this area, but don’t have much time so you would like to just give a monetary donation. That is wonderful, please contact us, and we will set up a time to meet with you!
2. You could host party! Get together with your youth group, bible study, friends from work, and set a number see if you can reach your goal. Maybe even compete with another group 🙂

3.  Have your school hold a fundraiser- come up with a great theme!
4. Contact us about volunteer opportunities.